OwoDaily Review: How To Make ₦5000 Weekly Doing Simple Task

OwoDaily is a digital task jobs community where its membership gives its users access to multiple streams of income online. 

However, I believe the platform acts as an intermediary between providers of services and clients looking to buy a service at a stipulated price.

How It Works

This platform brings two individuals together; the one that wants to get a job done and the other that gets the job done. 

The individual that wants a service pays OwoDaily and OwoDaily, in turn, pays the individuals that get the job done. 

For every job you do on the platform, there’s a certain amount of money you’ll be paid when your job is verified and approved.

The money paid to users ranges from N5.00 to N2,000.00 per task upon completion. And everything will be credited directly to the user’s bank account. 

OwoDaily provides the platform for clients that want to promote their business on Social Media then pays its users for carrying out the task. 

Let’s say I want to promote my business page on Instagram. Or YouTube page to get more awareness and reach more people through Owodaily platform;

What I’ll do is sign-up for an account on Owodaily as a business (more this later) then buy credit and specify the kind of promotion I needed for my business.

If what you want is views, shares, likes, comments or simply followers on social media. Owodaily will break it down and make the tasks available for its users (workers). 

How To Sign Up

To register on this platform, you simply need to fill in the form and choose a membership plan to subscribe. It cost N3000 for a lifetime membership registration or if you are good at selling other people’s product, then you can subscribe with Owodaily+.

Signup on Owodaily

Now you know this passive income freelance website to make money online in Nigeria, take part to work daily by doing simple tasks. Like, Follow or Subscribe to peoples social media accounts. To earn money on Owodaily platform is easy, all that is required is a smartphone with internet connection. Read more on the webpage

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